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why schools are obsolete!

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Written by Amer Khan

February 27, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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emotional misalignment in constructive alignment!

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After a lot of dithering, I have at last summoned up enough courage to launch a blog. This blog is about my teaching experiences. I believe teaching connects me to my tribe of higher education professionals more than research! Teaching is our main bread and butter. Teaching is what we do most of our working days. Teaching dominates our daily (hallway!) conversations (“finished my class” ….”going to class”… etc).  And most significant of all, at least for me, teaching is about emotions. Our emotions. Anxiety: Not sure about the soundness of the assessment tasks. What if marking criteria fails to adequately do justice to student effort? Justifying marks to the ‘authorities’. Student complaints. Student apathy. Students sleeping. Students ‘smart-phoning’. Students absent. Standing in front of the class, the deep, unspoken need to please students, to win their approval, to gain their attention.

Trying to fix ‘constructive alignment’ but loosing emotional alignment.

Equally important, the broader techno-social environment. The foreboding alarm, in the face of the rising criticism that universities are not working, business education is becoming obsolete etc   The nagging feeling that technological advances are rendering our practices useless and irrelevant.  BUT at the same time, the heady feeling that we are all on the cusp of a new age marked by creative destruction of the old ways and the birth of new paradigms. Am I ready to ride this new wave? Do I have the skills? How can I get those skills quickly?

I need to externalize these emotions. Give them a cathartic outlet. So, my friends, I open up a well spring of my emotions and ideas to you. A well spring that I believe connects with your streams of thought on teaching and learning in the higher education domain.

What does your inner voice say?

Written by Amer Khan

February 24, 2012 at 10:06 am

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