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There are a lot of take-aways and food for thought in this post for a learning experience ‘designer’ in the higher education space… designing learning experiences is an art which needs to go beyond mechanistic efforts to ensure ‘constructive alignment’. Its a creative craft more than anything else.


There is a reason I called my blog Design for learning. I am a designer. I studied design, qualified as a typographer and illustrator and then worked in design and advertising. Design is not a subject, it is a craft. The best way to learn about design, perhaps the only way is from a designer.

Design is learned through literal and associative meanings. It is a craft not a process and it takes years of practice in a specialisation. Design is one form of Art, and art is about creativity, imagination and reacting to the world. It doesn’t seek to reduce it to a step by step cycle or even explain it.

In design, creative brilliance is the bridge to success. Designers are competitive and don’t easily settle. They argue a lot with other people, they argue with themselves even more. What designers want from a working environment are leaders…

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Written by Amer Khan

April 26, 2012 at 10:43 pm

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