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Blogposts/messages like these make me think harder on a decision that I have been contemplating over the last one year: get my kids out of school and make them explore the world (with a little help from us parents)

Bianca Hewes

It’s 1.34am and I am sitting huddled under a blanket with my Mac on my knees. The air-conditioning is high because my eldest son and my husband have high fevers. They’ve got a 48 hour flu thingy. I can’t sleep so I sit and count away the minutes and hours until they are both better … or until I fall down sick too.

It is this recent bout of illness that has forced my hand on the school issue. Looking at my son all small and weak from the fever made me cry. Not a little cry, like a pansy Hollywood nose tear – nope, big gulping ‘I want my Mummy’ sobs that resulted in snot being wiped on my PJs. Here is this small guy (and my other smaller guy beside him) just so visibly vulnerable and needing the love of his mummy or his daddy and it just…

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Written by Amer Khan

June 25, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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