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Summary: 1) teacher as a reporter 2) reporters also make their stories engaging, and not just focus on facts 3) so how can teachers do that? by redesigning content around questions important for the learners, enhancing aspects which facilitate engagement, create a sense of wonder among students, and introduce puzzles/conflict (the binary aspects of good narratives). This is absolutely fantastic! Of course it is easy and intuitive so fathom but VERY HARD to implement given our lack of skills in storytelling and tight timelines. I am sure for those who do try, it holds great rewards! for more, including an example from high school history read the blog (I wish I could find an example from higher ed).


I picked up a great project on getting back from my trip. Working with Kieren Egan’s Imaginative Education (Learning In Depth). This was handy, but more importantly really exciting. I’ve been banging on about imagination for ages it seems, not least because Kieren has written some amazing things – as you do to get to the be Research Chair of Canada I guess.

So what’s new about Imaginative Education?

I think (and so do others) Imaginative Education offers a new understanding of how knowledge grows in the mind, and how our imaginations work and change during our lives. It uses different teaching methods based on these insights that offer new ways of planning and teaching. In short, I reject the bolting a clock onto a toaster mantra that is going on, and think for the most part – the vast majority of students and teachers are somewhat weary of the…

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August 21, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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