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Unbusiness-like business schools …oh no not again!

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The Economist in an article in [opens in new tab] its February 8 edition adds to the periodic lament that we have been hearing about business schools for decades. In another article it talks about implications of MOOCs. We know that the long standing issue is the colonisation of the business schools by the so called ‘academic guilds’ since the early 60’s, and the envious mimicking of the likes of Harvard that forces business schools to splurge on buildings .   But this time the main factor, as might have guessed it,  threatening the business schools is technology, i.e., MOOCs et al. But the article makes some very interesting and thought provoking points that are often not realised by those who run business schools. First, business schools are more like film studios rather than hair salons, so the essential nature of the service is different as there is creativity of a different kind involved. Second, textbook publishing companies are now the direct competitors of universities because of the former’s access to technology and content creation. The top tier university may survive a little longer due to the ‘reputation’ effect, but the middle tier will soon loose out. Actually, I am already seeing these pressures in my experiences and interactions with people in the mid tier.


Written by Amer Khan

March 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm

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